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    The Best Arabian Mandi!
    Mandi / مندي: Mandi is one of the traditional Arabian dishes
    that are too tasty to be missed. It is definitely a must to try dish!
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    We Serve Quality Arabian Food
    The mandi rice (especially the mutton variant) is absolutely a must-try here.
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    Made With Love
    Hot and Ready to Serve
    The traditional aromatic mandi rice made either with chicken or lamb is served at "Mandi House".

The restaurant that serves authentic Arabian Dishes

Welcome To Mandi House

Mandi rice is a mix of meat, rice, and spices.

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Adorned with Arabic tapestry, patrons are welcomed to chill and relax by having a seat on their comfortable floor couches and cushions section for a true Arabic dining experience. Once you are comfortable in their floor couches, order their Nasi Arab to enjoy along the ambience. Have their own personal touch on generous amount of Mandi rice served with lamb or chicken as well as salad and their own personalised sauce.

  • Chicken Mandi
  • Mutton Mandi
  • Fish Mandi
  • Madbi
  • Maqluba
  • Shawarma
  • Kabsa
  • Mutabbaq

What’s for lunch?

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Chicken Mandi

We prepare an array of authentic Arabian dishes such as kebab, mix grill.


Crispy shrimp and kebabs

Worry not as they are able to cater to large groups of family and friends as there are family sets


Mutton Mandi

The succulent, tender and flavoursome lamb ribs or shoulder is first graciously stewed then grilled with a recipe served with Basmati rice that is lightly spiced with cloves, cardamons and peppercorns.